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Tulane University Legal Assistance Program (TULAP)

Tulane University Legal Assistance Program in New Orleans, LA

Pelton + Balducci is proud to offer immigration consultations to the Tulane University community through the Tulane University Legal Assistance Program (TULAP). This program offers free consultations to the Tulane community, comprising current students, faculty, and staff. TULAP has offered consultations in criminal and civil law for decades, but the immigration program was added in 2018. The newly-created TULAP immigration program is a demonstration of the Tulane community’s solidarity with and appreciation for its immigrant community. We are honored to have been selected as counsel for this new initiative.

About the Program

Funded by the Tulane University Associated Student Body, TULAP provides legal advice at no cost, as well as low-cost legal representation to anyone who is currently a part of Tulane University’s student body, staff, or faculty. Eligible participants even have access to free notary services. Because the program is funded by the Tulane student body, it is limited to those currently connected to the school.

What to Expect at Your Consultation

When coming in for your consultation, you will be paired with a law student clerk. Although they are technically students, these clerks are well-trained and can discuss your legal issues and assist attorneys with legal research. However, they are not eligible to provide legal opinions or advice. Even though initial consultations and basic legal services will be provided free of charge, there may be low-cost fees for additional services should you decide to select us as your counsel.

What to Bring to Your Consultation

On the day of your consultation, there are several documents you should have on hand. Please note that they can be copies or originals. You should have your passport, visa, I-94, Notice to Appear (if you are in removal proceedings), DS-2019, copies of all immigration applications that you have submitted, I-20, work authorization card, criminal records, and all correspondence you have received from a government or immigration agency (including and especially requests for evidence [“RFEs”]), as well as your green card or permanent resident card.

Schedule a Consultation

If you meet the Tulane University Legal Assistance Program requirements, give us a call today at (504) 708-5400 to schedule your free consultation. Please also feel free to learn more about our practice areas and dedicated team members.


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