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Please note that United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced that all Nicaraguans and Hondurans who wish to maintain their Temporary Protected Status (TPS), MUST re-register between December 15, 2017 and February 13, 2018. Although the re-registration dates are the same, please note that there are very important differences.

First, USCIS has announced that TPS for Nicaragua will be terminated on January 5, 2019. THERE WILL BE NO SUBSEQUENT RENEWAL OF NICARAGUAN TPS.

Second, USCIS has not made a final determination as to whether to continue Honduran TPS. As a result, Honduras’ TPS designation has automatically been extended through July 5, 2018. However, the status of Honduran TPS Holders WILL NOT BE EXTENDED AUTOMATICALLY. Individuals currently holding Honduran TPS MUST RE-REGISTER between December 15, 2017 and February 13, 2018. Otherwise, they will lose their status. Unfortunately, their extension will only be valid until July 5, 2018. However, USCIS has indicated that it is automatically extending the validity of employment authorization documents issued under Honduran TPS until July 5, 2018.

The longterm future of Honduran TPS remains uncertain. USCIS is required to make a decision by May 6, 2018.

We are still awaiting a decision on the future of Salvadoran TPS.

Schedule a consultation with us today if you are interested in discussing the extension of your TPS or exploring alternative immigration options.

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