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​We are extremely proud to have collaborated with local arts nonprofit Court 13 (which produced the movie “Beasts of the Southern Wild”) to bring members of the Mexican arts collective Artsumex and film producer Tonitzen Gómez to participate in Court 13’s annual Always for Pleasure Festival (AFP) in New Orleans from November 16 – 21.

Court 13, Director Viktor Jakovlevski, Tonitzen, and their talented team of filmmakers will be showing their new documentary “Brimstone and Glory” on Tuesday, November 21, at the Orpheum Theater in New Orleans as one of the featured events of this year’s 5-day festival. The film documents the National Pyrotechnic Festival in Tultepec, Mexico. The festival is a weeklong celebration of San Juan de Dios, who is the patron saint of firework makers. Pyrotechnicians and other artists use the occasion to share their virtuosity in a celebration of the town’s unique and explosive contribution to Mexican culture: it’s estimated that 60% of Tultepec’s workforce participates in the fireworks industry.

Artsumex artists will create a torito, one of the highlights of the Pyrotechnic Festival, to share with us at Always for Pleasure. They and Tonitzen will also discuss the film at the screening on November 21.

Here’s the trailer for “Brimstone and Glory”:

Here’s the schedule for AFP:

We hope to see you there!

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